Sunday, November 21, 2010

If I Won the Texas Lottery, What Would I Do?...

In preparation for this blog, I went to  and found that the big lottery, the Texas Powerball, is currently at $64 Million dollars. So, really, what would I do with $64 Million Dollars?

First, I would buy a house. Not really a big house or a house in a fancy area. Just a house that would be big enough for our family to live comfortably, but not arrogantly. I know people, but that is another entry for another time.

I would buy a couple of nice cars in the same fashion as the home. I have always wanted my own brand new Mini Cooper. I know what you are thinking, kind of a lame car. But, I first saw them at the International Auto Show in Detroit when I was on my LDS mission there. They had a really awesome set up. The cars weren't actually released on the road until three years later and after "The Italian Job" did a great job on advertising for them. I would also probably end up with a mini-van because, hey, who doesn't love rollin' in a mini-van?

Some money would be put towards investments and savings, of course. Our clothing, food, and other necessities would be taken care of.

$640,000 dollars of it would need to go towards tithing, even though since it is lottery money, it would be considered "dirty money", but I am sure the Lord could use the money just the same. Think of it as "repentance money", dirty money that is used to build something clean. Malachi would be proud.

I would use some to travel the world with my family. I have always wanted to see the Great Pyramids, Big Ben, the Taj Mahal, and of course, Pop's Diner on Route 66 in Oklahoma.

I would use some money to get season tickets to the Utah Jazz, BYU and Utah football, and to the Utah Symphony.

Last, I would probably use it to buy and produce board games. I love board games. I collect them. We have quite a few, and learning how to play them all has given me some ideas on what would go into making some really great games. That too, is another entry for another time.

Anywho, that is what I would do with the money. Hopefully I would still have some left over. I don't get how pro athletes with that much money after two seasons can spend it in a heartbeat. I guess if you don't want and expect to splurge with it, getting what you need and taking care of the rest, the money can last a lifetime...I would hope.

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