Friday, December 3, 2010


There are many things that you can buy with $15.50. Things like two huge bags of M&Ms, a dvd movie, (three if you look in the $5 bin). You can buy 15 burgers from your favorite drive-thru on their dollar menu, a good book or two,one round of golf on a public course, a t-shirt, a new out-door basketball, a gym membership for one month, pictures printed out along with decorating a room, (especially if you to to Ikea), a few baby clothes, a great set of crayons with a few great coloring books, a board game or card game, take the family out for some ice cream cones, scrapbook paper and decors, a digital watch, a new tie, new slippers, many useful household items like a pan to cook some bacon, which is well below $15.50.

So why in the hell would Nate spend $15.50 on two large sodas and a box of popcorn at the movies last night?

Answer: Because he is a sucker.

I hate the Carmike theaters. At least the Megaplex theaters bundle and give better prices. Go there instead.

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  1. this post was way cute! i loved reading it. Thanks for all the idea's of what you can get for $15.50!