Saturday, August 23, 2014

BYU of U.....

So, I come from a family whose dad's side is completely obsessed with sports, which is a great thing, I think. My mom's side of the family had more of the performing and fine arts background, which is where I must get my passion for those things from.

I seriously live my life not by the change of the seasons from Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall, and Fall to Winter.  I live it like, Okay, in September we get NCAA and NFL Football and MLB and MLBB are finishing up., October we get NCAA and NBA basketball, in January we lose NCAA football, but still have everything else. February brings NFL to an end. March ends NCAA basketball, and April we get MLB and MLBB baseball back. Live, rinse, repeat.

We have our favorite teams from every sporting team, but there are some contradictions with other people we love to get into sports with. My favorite spectator sport is college football. In Utah it's hard because most people want you to be a BYU fan or a Utah fan, but not of both.

While growing up, I didn't have the extreme hatred for Utah that three out of my four best friends did, lol, but still didn't hate Utah as much. My dad coached sports for a high school. My dad knows tons of stats of players I've never heard of. Just the other night we were at a Bees baseball game and he was telling me all of the players who were in the majors that are now playing in the minors, and where they were from and everything. I love that about my dad. Anyway, my dad coached football with his best friend, who actually played for Utah when he was in college. He is a huge Ute fan and can't stand BYU.  My brother in law, yeah, huge Utah fan. I have lived most of my life surrounded by fans of both teams.

So, in my family, growing up, my family would cheer for both teams. If one team had more at stake in their season, that would decide who was rooted for. I actually had BYU football season tickets growing up. Every once in a while I would go with my dad to see a Utah game, which I enjoyed, but leaned more to the blue than the red.

Now that I am my age, I love college football so much, just as much as I always have, but with Utah joining the Pac 12, and the "Holy War" rival game is more of a thing of the past, besides certain seasons, it is a lot easier to be fans of both. I feel that I love college football so much that I feel happy and excited to root for both teams equally.

I want to apologize to Kevin, Spencer, and Kendall for being able to sit on the fence and be fair about it. I love the passions we all have for our teams. Darin, I can finally say that I can now root with as much enthusiasm as you have for Utah. I always cheered for them until they played BYU, but years of learning to be a Utah fan from my brother in law and the Brady family has molded me into a perfect fence-sitter. In the future for "Holy War" games, I will be rooting for who has most at stake. I am kind of a little frustrated at both teams. While I feel that Utah will get better over time playing in the Pac 12, I struggle to get behind Bronco. I don't care for his coaching. I remember people wearing Fire Crowton shirts at BYU games, but honestly, I think that I would rather have him back in some respects. My dad and I think that a head coach should worry about the team as a whole, and delegate someone to take over as the defensive coordinator. The defense seems to suffer some, and the rest of the team doesn't get as much time with the head coach that they should. Utah is in a conference with big teams with big money, and though they have struggled a little bit, I think that in time they will be able to work up the ranks. 

So with me being totally excited about College Football starting this coming week, here we go!

Good Luck BYU of U.

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