Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Funny Thing About Being A Film Critic......

All of my life, I have always loved going to the movies, like a lot of people. I always love them and collect them and share them with people. My favorite thing about the movies most of the time is that they share ideas or can inspire people. There are tons of films that I love because they make me feel something different that I don't feel anywhere else. The same is true with books, live theater and music. But there is something about film that always fascinates me a little more than other arts.

I was talking about a film I recently saw and hated, cough (Into the Storm), and I felt kind of bad because I was talking with a friend of mine at the theater who was excited to see it. I gave my reasons, but I also know that there are some bad movies out there and for some reason, I have enjoyed them, and have even added a few to my collection. As a film critic, I like to report my opinions about films, but I also encourage people to make their own minds up about things.

Back in May when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, I walked out of the theater and had enjoyed myself. Other film critics ripped it to shreds, but I also understand why the filmmakers made the choices that they did, and also being a fan of comic books, everything made sense to me. I also loved the chemistry behind Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They touched on and answered some questions brought about by the first Amazing Spider-Man, and they left a wide open window for the next film. From what I understand, they are preparing to make a "Sinister Six" film which includes Spider-Man's top six foes.

At critic screenings, I have to report to the person in charge of the screening and tell them my thoughts. A critic in front of me who I personally can't stand to be around very much, lol, said it was the worst movie he had ever seen and said that he was praying for the day when Transformers 4 would be released to get the bad taste out of his mouth. In my opinion, what an idiot. Transformers 4, in my opinion, was terrible. If you search online for other critics opinions, you have probably came across Rotten Tomatoes. That site collects around 150 reviews from critics all over the world and gives a percentage of what films are considered good by critics and bad by critics. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has three times more the good ratings than Transformers 4 did. However, this critic's opinion is just as valid as mine, and he has the right to think that.

Sometimes there are films that I am willing to defend because I really enjoyed them, when sometimes most critics don't. I try to express my opinion and leave the reader up to decide for themselves if they want to see the film or not. Everyone is different and has different tastes. A close friend of mine that attends screenings with me sometimes will say what he thinks, which is great. It's funny to see the difference in opinions. I can walk out of a film thinking that it was really awesome and how I can't wait to see it again. My friend will come out and say that he liked it, but doesn't really never need to see it again.

If I like something, I usually end up with a copy and watch the film every now and again for the sole reason of what I said earlier, they help me feel something or think something that only that story can teach.

I have my opinions and people have theirs. I say what I think and feel and am able to express myself through the stories. I say what I think and hope that people will decide for themselves as well. People are allowed to have their guilty pleasures, of which I have many. There are films I hate and will never see again, but I know that some people can find a piece of themselves in, so I try not to be too critical of other people and their opinions so that in turn people won't be too critical of me.

This evening, I sat down and watched two films. Safety Not Guaranteed and re-watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I still feel the same way about Spider-Man as I did when I saw it. Safety Not Guaranteed debuted at Sundance 2012, and I wasn't able to get in with my press pass because I arrived too late from another Sundance screening. I really enjoyed it. It is available on Netflix, and it is rated R for a handful of language and a couple of sexual references.

I just felt the need to say some of these thoughts while the end credits started to role for Spider-Man. I don't think that my opinions outrank anyone else and their opinions. I love being a critic and love spending two or three times a week at the theater. I feel so lucky that I am in the position that I am in and hopefully my love for cinema can come across in my reviews and  help other people maybe connect with something that inspires them.

Anyway, that's just a few of my thoughts. If I get some feedback on this blog through blogger or Facebook, I will gladly post a list of films that are guilty pleasures of mine. Until next time, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Come back and visit my blog soon.

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