Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crazy Week.....

Wow. So I thought that with the play being over with that this would be a nice week to relax and not have to worry about anything much. However, I have had a movie screening, to a movie I actually saw last week, but loved it so much I went back to see the second critic screening for it. It was Guardians of the Galaxy, and I am going out on a limb here and saying that I actually love the Guardians over The Avengers, just a teeny tiny bit. It is hysterical and the action is great. They had a couple of spaceship battles that I hope J.J. Abrams sees while filming the new Star Wars film. They are going to be some good competition, and I think that Guardians raised the bar as far as space battles and  honestly, I love comic book movies, and while I thought that Guardians of the Galaxy was a weird choice to "gamble" on, by picking a not so famous comic book set of characters and stories, Marvel has paid off in a huge way. I have seen it twice now and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around as I did the first. I have more details about my critique that will be published online at The Oquirrh Observer website, but I am telling you these things now since the film opens Friday, and you aren't going to want to miss it. You need to see this one in the theater folks!

Earlier this evening, we got Elliot and I took him on Trax to the Bees Baseball game.  It was a nice evening, there was a little bit of a breeze, but it kind of felt nice after all of the heat we have been having lately. The Bees lost, yet again. Their pitching is terrible. Two Tacoma players were walked home, which is awful. The Bees just can't get a pitcher that can throw strikes. Of course, with Elliot, we had to do some things to keep is interest in everything. There was a $1.00 hot dog promotion, so we got five, I ate four and Elliot ate about half of his, ha ha ha. We broke out the Gummie Bears for Elliot. We went and rode the little train they have for kids out around the outfield range. We were waiting in line, and I watched a kid get on the train, but I didn't think much of it. The train was full, so Elliot and I got to be at the very front of the line for the next ride. A lady came around hysterically crying that her son was missing. I put two and two together and told her that I saw him get on the train. Of course when the train came back around, the relieved mother got her little son and probably hugged him hard enough to turn her into the state for suffocating a child. All joking aside, I was glad to help the mother calm down a little bit by letting her know. Elliot and I rode the train, and then on our way back to our seats, we got some ice cream. They had these little baseball helmet cups with the Bees logo on them. I assumed that they didn't put much ice cream into them considering their size, but after I bought and paid for the ice cream, they put three huge scoops into them. Needless to say, I ate a lot of ice cream while Elliot continued to eat more of his gummie bears. We then left in the 8th inning so that we could beat the crowd to the Trax station. On the way out, we stopped and saw Bumble, the Bees mascot. I am not allowed to tell anyone who he is, but the man in the suit is a really close friend of mine, so he took his time and played with Elliot of a minute. As I said the Bees pitching was terrible, so we didn't mind leaving a little bit early. Elliot fell asleep after five minutes of sitting on the train. It was hard to get him home and into bed.

I found out today that my sister, Christine, is scheduled to have her new baby on Friday morning, well, actually, that is when she will be induced. Family parties are kind of crazy right now, so it is going to be super interesting when we have a new baby. Also, my sister, Gina, is pregnant and is due in August, so it is going to be even more crazy. I am super excited about the new babies coming. I love being a dad and an uncle. I love to play with the kids and I find it fascinating to see what their likes and dislikes are. Sometimes when you are a parent, or a role model for little kids, you have to do some acting. Elliot loves TV shows that I hate, but Elliot thinks they are great. It makes me happy just to sit with him and watch him interact with anything that he is doing. It reminds me of when I was that young and being into lots of different things. Some things are best left to childhood memories over discovering how dumb you find how those things are. I remember watching Masters of the Universe with He-Man, and I put on an episode for Elliot. He liked it, but I sat in disbelief that I could have liked it as much as I did. It was bad, ha ha ha. Either way, I will support Elliot with what he loves and likes to do or watch.

One final thing I found hilarious last night, I am a huge fan of The Simpsons. I have all of the DVDs of the seasons that are out so far, and have downloaded the episodes that they don't have on DVD yet. Sometimes on the show they have really funny signs or something to that effect. For example, They have a cookware store in the Mall that is called "Stoner's Pot Palace". The hippie bus driver, Otto walks out saying that the store has a "flagrant false advertising" title.  Sometime they watch TV on the show, and they scroll lists of things super fast that you can't read unless you pause the show quickly to read them. I was pausing a long list on an episode I watched recently, and I came across one in the middle of the list that said  "If you are reading this list, you don't have a life". I laughed really hard at it at first, then felt slightly saddened at the fact that I have no life. Ha ha ha.

Well, there you have it. My life this week in a nutshell. I just realized how stinking late it is. I need to go check on Elliot now and make sure that he is still sleeping, and hopefully catch some zzzzzz's while I am at it. Have a good night, or day, depending on the time you read this..if you made it this far. I will probably be posting a video blog on Friday or Saturday with videos of my new nephew or niece, since they didn't tell us what the gender of the baby will be.

Until next time, Thanks for reading. Take Care.

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