Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Drive-In Movies...

After a hilarious conversation my friend from my plays at the Empress theater had with her adopted daughter from Russia, explaining to her what a Drive-In movie theater was. Here is what I posted. It is funny, and it is true.

So, When TV was invented, people stopped going to the movie theaters, so they invented the widescreen format. They came out with 3-D movies, and they invented Drive-Ins. The funny thing is, they noticed that teens and young couples would go to the drive-in to "park", and Hollywood found that if they made movies faster, they would have full parking lots every weekend, so they started making bad movies with lesser known stars, and the fad was monster and alien movies. That is why there are so many bad sci-fi movies out there from that time period. Can you tell I am a film history student?

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