Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elliot, Daddy and The Aquabats....

Now, I can't remember if I told everyone my rules about the blog/journal thing. I am picking topics off of a list my dad gives to his English students in high school. There are 250 topics, and I forgot to tell you, I can only write for ten minutes, so if you are reading and I make a dumb joke....Yeah, I don't edit what I write. Sometimes things come out well, and sometimes they come out in a weird way.

Since my last post a couple of hours ago, I decided that I didn't pick a topic off the list, and It only took me about a minute and a half to write. So, instead of doing a topic tonight, I am doing a second blog. This one has a video.

This is my sweet little boy, Elliot, and he is rocking out to an Aquabats concert from their Serious Awesomeness DVD from 2003, long before their hit show on The Hub. I got into them when I was in 9th grade, and they have always been one of my favorite bands since then. The fun thing is, Elliot loves them to death, and we have watched their TV show a million times. I love having a kid that loves things that I like, most of the time. He is going through a Power Rangers phase. Even when I was little, I never did like the Power Rangers, but I have been happily watching them for Elliot.

I love acting, and sometimes, being a parent, even a divorced parent who isn't getting along with the other people, is a good acting experience. My sister made me think a little bit when she said, "You know, you love that little boy that is part you, but you have to remember that even though you don't get along well with my ex-wife, Elliot is part her too, and he is being shaped and molded by her too."

I actually have really awesome sisters. They make me think of things in a different light all the time. Anyway, I promised you a video. and this is super sweet and funny. He asks me if I want a guitar, they are the guitar hero ones, lol, and so I got up, put the camera down and played with him. He's the best. Anywho, here you go..Oh, he is funny.  

Anyway the best parts are the beginning, and then he asks me if I want to play, and it is the cutest thing I have ever heard. And at the end of the song and video. 

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